Quality brands at Kenneth Hodgins

Alstons Upholstery Ltd is an award winning family-run business and one of the leading upholstery manufacturers in the UK. Established in 1951, we have gained an enviable reputation for manufacturing Great British Furniture, with guaranteed deliveries and a top quality back up service of which we are all very proud.

Founded in 1992 with a desire to become an upholstery manufacturer of choice. The wish was to create furniture of outstanding design and quality, at an affordable price. The company has evolved rapidly, now producing 1000 pieces of furniture per week. Ashley Manor is a company with an excellent reputation built on hard work and care for its customers.

Established in 1995, Baker Furniture produces contemporary and traditional bedroom, dining and occasional furniture. Working in close conjunction with our factories in the Far East and using woods felled under strict controls, we are dedicated to the production of furniture of the highest quality supplied at competitive prices.

The name of Cintique has become synonymous with British quality and real comfort. Established in 1908 Cintique is proud to remain a privately owned company.

collins and hayes - high qaulity brand name furniture
For over 130 years discerning buyers from around the world have chosen Collins & Hayes quality furniture. A wide range of styles are designed to suit every discerning customer's house. Choose from a wide selection of invitingly comfortable furniture that is made using the finest materials, state of the art technology and employing rigorous quality standards.

corndell - high qaulity brand name furniture
UK's largest independent manufacturers of solid wood furniture. Corndell has a strong family tradition with over 30 years experience in the furniture manufacturing industry so you can be assured of continuity, craftsmanship and high quality products.

deknudt - high qaulity brand name interiors
Deknudt Decora create and manufacture a wide range of decorative exquisitely designed classic as well as ultra modern designer mirrors. A winning combination of cutting-edge production techniques and artisanal precision typifies their very diverse collection of over 500 different models.

Duresta has been making high quality upholstery since 1938. Our factory is in Long Eaton, a Nottinghamshire town renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of furniture making, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery.

stressless - high qaulity brand name furniture
Stressless® made by Ekornes in Norway, is one of the world's most famous furniture brands. The famous Stressless brand was launched in 1971 in Norway and has grown to be a worldwide recognised brand. Using ingeniously designed spring coil techniques with modern furniture styles, the brand today offers comfort and quality living and relaxing furniture like no other.

fama - high qaulity brand name furniture
FAMA furniture
Fama was founded in 1970 and is now one of Spain's most technologically advanced furniture manufacturers. They manufacture wonderfully funky looking sofas, sofa-beds, modular systems, armchairs, recliners in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes.

fama - high qaulity brand name furniture

Design is about more than styling: It is the art of integrating function with aesthetics.
At himolla, the age-old adage that "Form follows function" has never been more true than it is today. Today's design is shaped by the ergonomic needs and expectations of people - this much is true at himolla.

Because at himolla, the functionality of our upholstered furniture is the foundation on which everything else is based.

In concrete terms, we aspire to the aesthetic integration of innovative comfort technology into the design of our upholstered furniture collections. The result: superlative ergonomic seating comfort combined with attractive design – an unbeatable combination when it comes to finding the perfect balance between ambience and furnishing comfort. At himolla, you even have the chance to play the part of the "designer" yourself: 800 fabrics and 100 leathers are available to choose from – in an incredible variety of colours and designs.

kaymed - high qaulity brand name beds
Kaymed Responds To Your Individual Shape. First used by NASA to relieve the strong G-Forces experienced by astronauts during lift-off, Visco is a unique cushioning material that is now featured in all Kaymed mattresses. This unique material responds to your body shape, gently cushioning the body's contours to deliver a more relaxing, restful sleeping profile. Kaymed mattress owners have been known to compare this feeling of comfort to a 'floating' sensation.

Polo Divani
In 1998 Polo Divani began its development as a private-label supplier to some of the leading furniture retailers in Europe. The company has grown and developed at the heart of the Southern Italian upholstery manufacturing tradition and is recognised for its comfort characteristics, innovation, distinct design and attention to detail.
parker knoll - quality furniture for comfort
New and exciting suites, as well as timeless classics. Quality and design are the essence of every piece. You can be assured of the attention to detail of which we are so proud. From the moment you first see it, you know. That's the look, the style, the colour you are looking for. Then you sit down, and you are absolutely sure. It happens all the time with Parker Knoll.

reylon - the best beds in the world at kenneth hodgins
At very first glance, a Relyon bed evokes a truly sensory experience. First you see the quality of its design and meticulous attention to detail, and then you feel its sumptuous comfort and luxurious support. Combining the best qualities in form and function reflects why Relyon maintains its renowned status as the best beds in the world.

The Rom range allows us to provide you with a wide collection, specific covers, a variation of model ranges, from contemporary to modern or classic.

sherborne -  quality chairs, sofas, settees
Widely known and respected, the Sherborne name on the distinctive label can now been seen on the largest ever selection of upholstery styles, from traditional Wing Chairs, Settees and Drop-end Sofas to the ultimate in relaxing Recliner Chairs, Reclining Settees, contemporary Sofabeds and matching Suites.

skovby - dining rooms
Skovby are the award-winning Danish designed dining room manufacturers who produce a range of innovative, flexible dining room tables, elegant chairs, sideboards, display cabinets and furniture for the discerning modern living enthusiast.

tempur - mattress and sleeping
Tempur is a comfort mattress system which revolutionises the way you sleep. The mattress material was initially developed by NASA for use in space and moulds itself to your body shape, then distributes the weight evenly across the mattress, providing unparalleled sleeping comfort. This in turn improves better sleep patterns, better well-being and a Tempur mattress is extremely beneficial for people suffering with back pain. Besides mattresses, Tempur also manufacture their own beds, pillows and bedroom accessory range.