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Birch Avenue, Stillorgan Business Park, Dublin, A94 XD85 Birch Avenue, Dublin, A94 XD85
Sherborne Upholstery have over 85 years of furniture manufacture under their belt so you are really buying a name you can trust when you make a Sherborne purchase. The company pride themselves on quality craftsmanship offering a distinctive range. This family owned business carefully grown over three generations have nurtured their name and pride themselves on the highest quality skills of production. Plenty of Sherborne sofas to choose from at Kenneth Hodgins.
Ashford Fabric Upholstery Range
Ashford Leather Upholstery Range
Kensington Leather Upholstery Range
Kensington Fabric Upholstery Range
Keswick Leather Upholstery Range
Keswick Fabric Upholstery Range
Lynton Leather Upholstery Range
Lynton Fabric Upholstery Range
Malvern Fabric Upholstery Range
Malvern Leather Upholstery Range
Birch Ave
Stillorgan Business Park
A94 XD85
01 293 8898
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